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Ticketed Events

  • Mystic Moondust Psychic Medium
    Mystic Moondust Psychic Medium
    Sat, Sep 14
    Sep 14, 2024, 1:00 PM – 6:00 PM
    Sunbury, 322 Raspberry Ave, Sunbury, PA 17801, USA
    Medium Robin from Mystic Moondust will be here to amaze you with talent for seeing beyond. Personal half hour sessions for $70, glass of wine included. Must preregister. Must be 21+

Iron Vines Summer
Wheel n Wine

It's going to be summer sunset season, as you're sipping your favorite wine, sweet or dry, and create a pot or bowl on the wheel with 1:1 instruction and guidance from artist Dani Fury.  Decorate and choose colors, and when the art is finished in the kiln, it will be returned to the winery and you will be notified.  Call 610-823-3742 for details!

Date & Time

Sun, May 19, 2024 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Our event policies

  • Iron Vines Winery reserves the right to ask anyone to leave at any time for any reason without refund of ticket price.

  • Admission of minors is determine on an event by event basis is exclusively left up to Iron Vines Winery depending if we deem the event appropriate.

    • If minors are allowed at a ticketed event they must be 13 years of age and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. No exceptions.

    • Our winery has an extensive art collection some which may be deemed inappropriate for minors. If you decide to bring your child please be aware of this. 

    • A ticket must be bought for the minor. 

    • The minor must be kept under constant supervision. This means the parent must be able to see the minor at all times.

    • All minors must stay in the upstairs area at all times and must immediately leave as soon as the event is concluded.

    • Minors are not permitted to play with the instruments.

    • Any parents of unattended children will be asked to take their child and leave.

    • We will immediately call the police if anyone is caught giving a minor alcohol. 

Must be 21 to enter with valid ID

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