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Summer Wine List

We do not offer shipping at this time. Wine can only be bought at the winery with valid ID. 

White Wines            
Charlemagne White -
A medium bodied, bright Chardonnay with a citrus aroma and a buttery finish. 750ml, 10% ABV, $20/$6    
Pinocchio - We wouldn't lie about this crisp and light Pinot Grigio with green apple flavors and hints of lemon and peach, it's delicious. 750ML, 11% ABV, $25/$8    
Savage White -
This light bodied, crisp Sauvignon Blanc has hints of herbs and grapefruit will bring out your savage side. 750ML, 11% ABV, $20/$6    
White Devil -
A South African Riesling blend with notes of lime and green apple and a jalapeno kick. 750ML, 11% ABV, $11/$5  
White Virgin -
This medium bodied speciality Pinot Grigio is fresh and sweet with a tart cranberry finish. 750ML, 8% ABV, $23/$7    
Mad Mango - We're all mad here, about this specialty grape wine with a bold mango finish. 375ML, 8% ABV, $11/$5    
White Cat -
This Moscato is as sweet as a kitten with hints of orange blossom, nectarine and honeysuckle. Meow. 750ML, 11% ABV, $25/$8    
Blush Wines            
White Sin
- This semi-dry White Zinfandel with a crisp citrus flavor is so good it's sinful. 750ML, 10% ABV, $16/$5    
Iron Rose - A semi-sweet Pink Moscato with hints of strawberry that has a bold flavor and just enough sweetness. 750ML, 11%ABV, $25/$8    
Red Wines            
Barbarian Red -
Our Barbera is a bold, dry red with flavors of dark cherry and an anise finish. 750ML, 10% ABV, $23/$7    
Call A Cab -
This Cabernet Sauvignon is a deep, dry red with cedar on the nose, flavors of black currant and a tobacco finish. 750ML, 10%ABV, $23/$7    
Château De François - This Vieux Château du Roi speaks the language of love with medium-full bodied raspberry, cherry and ripe plum notes and an dry finish.  750ML 11%ABV, $20/$6    
Conquistador -
Explore this Tempranillo, a bold, Spanish, dry red that is Dave Snyder approved.  750ML, 11 % ABV, $20/$5    
Dr. Merle Lowe -
This smooth, dry, oaked Merlot with a boisterous black cherry profile and a mocha finish will cure what ails you. (Not evaluated by any medical association) 750ML, 13% ABV, $23/$7  
Jupiterz Blood - This Sangiovese is a saucy, dry, red that's out of this world. 750ML, 10% ABV, $18/$5    
Karma Aire - A down to Earth Carmenere dry red with notes of green pepper and spice. 750ML, 12% ABV, $11/$5    
Red Devil - Bold, smooth, and spicy with chipotle chiles and a smoky finish. 375ML, 11% ABV, $10/$5    
Petite Nowhere - A smooth dry Pinot Noir with flavors of vanilla, almond and hibiscus. 750ML, 11% ABV, $18/$6    
Southern Red - This full bodied Malbec will transport you to the deep South with its rich flavors of spice and plum. 750ML, 13% ABV, $23/$7

Mothership Red - A Super Tuscan semi-dry red with bold red fruit flavors and a touch of spice. 750ML 10% ABV $16/$5    
Black Virgin -
This medium bodied, sweet, specialty Pinot Noir with bold, sweet, cherry flavors is a house favorite. 750ML, 8% ABV, $25/$8    
Fruit Wines            
Hey-Bury! -
This strawberry wine may not be your first taste of love, but it's close. 375ML, 10% ABV, $10/$4    
Pink Grenade- This specially blended wine is sweet with a tart finish that will hit you like a grenade.. 375ML, 8% ABV, $13/$5    
Iron Maiden -
This medium bodied blood orange Sangria will have you running for the hills. 750ML, 8% ABV, $25/$8    
Just Peachy -  
This specialty blend is just peachy! You'll love it. 375ML 10% ABV, $12/$5    
Master Blue - This blueberry wine is masterfully crafted with care and is delicious. 375ML 8% $16/$5    
Razzleberry - Our specialty raspberry has a bold refreshing taste that dazzles the taste buds. 375ML 10% ABV $10/$4    
Santa-Ria - A bold sweet apple, pear and pineapple Sangria so good  it's not just for Christmas anymore. . 750ml 10% ABV  $25/$8     
Dessert Wines            
Loka Moka -
A bold red dessert wine with a smooth chocolate mocha finish. 375ML 15% ABV $18/$8
Kaffe - This full-bodied Port dessert wine has a bold coffee flavor makes a sweet finish to any meal. 375ML 14% ABV $16/$5    

Savage White
Black Virgin
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